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Create square Facebook videos in Adobe Premiere

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Square Facebook videos in Adobe Premiere

Square videos are very popular on Facebook and Instagram. But by default, your video won’t be square. You’ll need to create a custom setting in premiere in order to get a square video. In this video, I’ll show you how to set up a square video and export it in 1:1 aspect ratio for Facebook or Instagram.

Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could create a square Facebook video, basically a one by one aspect ratio
video for Facebook using Adobe Premiere. In order to do that, I basically edited my sequence in a regular sequence.
This is a 1920 by 1080 sequence that I would use in any other video
that’s shot in that format.
But now I want to take this sequence and make it square. So in order to do that,
I need to create a new sequence, so I’ll come up here to file new and I’ll go to sequence here,
and these are the ratio, these are the aspect ratios of the sequence I usually give they’re usually sixteen by nine here
As you could see this is the one I’m using right now sixteen by nine,
but a one by one aspect ratio is gonna be a little different and none of these options have that, so I’ll have to create a
custom one. So this is how you do that. I’ll basically start with any of any one of these. I’ll just click that one and
this is the sequence that is created for me sequence two,
I’ll go over here, and I’ll basically command click or right click on the sequence
and I want to change the sequence setting, so I’ll go over here sequence settings and
I’ll see my aspect ratio or the frame size right here sixteen by nine.
What I want to do is changes to square, so basically my horizontal and vertical frames need to be the same size.
That’s how I will get a square shape image.
So I’ll just go ahead and change this to 1080, so now I’ll have a 1080 by 1080 or a one by one video size and
I’m gonna go ahead and change the sample of the audio right here sample rate to 44100.
Facebook likes that more also,
so 1080 by 1080 square press ok. So there we go now we have a square video here.
So now if I go back to my edit, and if I select all
and I’m gonna just command copy here, and I’ll bring it here, and I paste it right to this sequence,
I should get my video right into the square format. Now the next thing
I want to do is if I don’t like how this is gonna show, because it’s basically
cropping the side of this video, so this video is actually sixteen by nine,
so it’s cropping a bit, so in order to just to screen,
I’ll basically have to select one of these and
I need to come here to my effects tab, so I selected it and came to that affects tab up here and
I need to scale the size down to fit the screen so right here if I bring it to
that size right now is fitting the screen 58 and
it’s gonna give me the option to put text up here if I wanted to and I do want to do that.
I actually have two text files that I’m gonna bring onto it to go throughout the video.
You could also reframe this to fit the image if you wanted to do that instead, but let’s go with something like this here.
I’ll just go with 60. I think that’s a good size for my square dimensions,
And I could either go ahead and do this to all my clips or I could just select this and I could copy and
then I could come to these other clips, and I could just go ahead and select these and then command
control click or right click and paste attribute. That will allow me to actually paste attribute of the motion here.
So I’ll just go ahead and do that press okay. I’ll just have to select the other clips I have.
I’m just shift selecting these
and then again, I’m gonna control click on a Mac go right click, paste attribute,
motion okay, so now everything should give me the same shape that I had for the one I selected. So basically,
usually I will come to the first clip, I would select it.
I would change the scale of it
and then I would go ahead and copy that and apply it to the rest of my clip just basically copy
and then select everything else and then click and paste attribute
and I would use motion to do that. So now we’re almost there.
So I want to use
the text files that I’ve created here and in the new premier the way you do that is you go up here to
Graphics new layer, and you click text layer.
Just like that, it’s created a text layer, and then you could just go ahead and type what you want.
I’ve already done that so I’m gonna delete this one. I’m just gonna grab this one, and I’m gonna bring it over here and
I’m gonna stretch it all the way to the end of my sequence
And I’m gonna go ahead and put it in the black area right here on top
And then I’ll do the same thing with this other one bring it here stretch it to the end of my sequence
And then I’m gonna bring it down to the bottom here
And I actually want to increase the file size of this top layer
So I’ll come and select it here the text source, and I just basically want to increase this file size
I’ll just go ahead and drag this to be a little bit bigger there
We go and I could always change where it’s landing on my page. I’ll put it right there so now
We just need to export the square shape and make sure it exports as a square video so to do that
I’ll come over here to file. I’ll make sure the sequence is selected. I’ll come to file
I’ll go down to export and media and
here, I have my square shape basically what I want to do is match source and it’s already doing that 1080 by 1080 I
Don’t want to select any of these other options because it’s kind of changed my aspect ratio that I’ve custom created so
h.264 is good for Facebook and
This is good. I just picked the first one mass sequence setting I’m sorry man source and then I’ll bring it down here
And I want to do to pass VBR
And I just need to change this to be a little smaller right now to follow 73 Meg’s I could make it even lower
So I could bring this down to 6 and 12 that gets me to about 45 megabytes so 612
Vbr. 2 pass, and then I could name my sequence what I want. I’ll just put on the desktop here
And I’ll press ok and that’s it and I’ll just press export
And that’s how you make a square video for
Facebook this should upload to Facebook Facebook is gonna do a little bit of compression to it
but you give it a really good size to work with so it should look pretty much the way you have it in Premiere I
Hope this video was helpful. Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for a lot more how-to videos
Just like this one and I hope to see you on the next video. Thanks for watching.