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How to Create a Minimalist Lower Third In After Effects

How to Create a Minimalist Lower Third In After Effects

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This video walks you through how to make a minimalist lower third from scratch in Adobe After Effects.

Video by Video School Online

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hey what’s up guys this is a tutorial on
how to create a minimalistic lower third
that you are seeing here I want to say
thank Josh who commented on Facebook
asking for this specific tutorial to be
made he found this lower third on
videohive I’ll show you the page right
here it’s this minimalist lower third
and there’s a bunch of them in this pack
that you can purchase but he asked for
this one specifically coming up right
after this one and it was a little bit
trickier than I thought it was going to
be so I think it’ll be a fun tutorial it
should take about 15 minutes or so okay
so let’s get straight into After Effects
so first we want to open up a new
composition I’m just going to call this
minimalist 1920 by 1080 s great 2997
frame rate ten-second duration
great okay so first we want to create
the line and the text that appears so
that’s the first thing we’re going to do
because this block is a little tricky
not too much but it will do it later so
with our pen tool and a stroke set at 3
and fill set at none hit okay we’re just
going to create that line or something
that looks like that line so now if i
zoom in you can see that here we have
our line so we want to animate this on
I’ll call this line so drop this down to
the contents and add trim paths one of
my favorite effects drop down trim paths
set a keyframe first start and end
select those keyframes and move those to
about a minute and one second one and a
half seconds and then set new keyframes
by changing these percentages both the
50 and you’ll see now that it animates
from the middle from 50% to the start
and the end select both them hit f9 on
your keyboard to add easy ease and then
we can play with the easy ease by
hitting this graph editor selecting all
the keyframes and dragging the endpoints
in so we want it to really slow down
into its final spot so this graph editor
the speed of the animation so you can
see there it’s a little bit different so
that’s pretty cool so now we want to add
the text so with our text tool just add
new text we’ll call those fill of inert
so we are using the read from before
we’re just going to hit OK change that
to white and we’ll increase this to
something like that then we’re going to
duplicate this move it below and i’ll
call this mo graph artist select all
that text use the eyedropper to select
the red to change it there and then
change the size to 40 we’re going to
left align these so that they’re aligned
so under a line panel click that left
align if you don’t see the align panel
go up to window align and then just with
our pointer tool our selection tool just
make sure that the spacing is good
you’re happy with it so now we have to
animate these to the left of the line
from the left to the right so this is
our final resting spot so hit position
to bring up the position drag these
keyframes to about 4 seconds and then
drag the text to the left of the line
and that creates a new keyframe so now
it’s going from left to right but we
want it to basically be disappeared from
the left to the right so we don’t want
to see it on the left side of the line
so how do we do that we create a alpha
matte so with our pen tool we’re going
to create a new shape so basically
follow this line so something like that
and then create a rectangular shape that
basically would cover the entire text at
its final resting spot then change the
stroke to 0 and the fill to solid color
okay so now you see this giant shape and
that’s not what we’re looking for but
it’s going to help us out so if we call
this matte and we change the mograph
artist text track matte here if you
don’t see that hit this toggle switches
modes button to alpha matte
you will now see the mograph artist text
and it will disappear on the left and
appear on the right
we’ll just duplicate this mat drop it
right above the fill up inner text
change the fill editor text alpha matte
or track matte to alpha matte – so now
it’s doing the same thing for both text
layers I’m just going to close down
everything and bring the line above
everything then we want to bring up our
keyframes for our text and play with the
speed so select all hit f9 on your
keyboard and then in our original lower
third the fill up inner text kind of
appears before the video creator text so
the Video Creator text is kind of
catching up they end at the same
keyframe the same point in time but the
fill abner text starts earlier so I’m
just going to drag this first keyframe
for the fill abner text to the left and
then I’m going to select all of these
layers the mograph text and the line and
then I’m going to hit this motion graph
motion blur checkbox and this enable
motion blur button so that that will add
a motion blur to our text you will see
that it’s starting out a little slow so
I’m going to go into our graph editor
again for our mograph for our tip text
select all drag this first one to the
left a bit and then this second one to
the left as well so it starts faster and
end slower so something like that’s very
smooth very subtle very nice okay so now
we have our text coming on the screen we
just have to add this shape layer that’s
coming onto the screen and then
disappearing so what we’re going to do
with our shape layer or with our pen
tool is create a shape layer make sure
the fill is the same color
there is no stroke we could zoom in on
this line and then just create a shape
starting with this line so hit there
there and then go to the right
and then go up here and finish it off so
it’s kind of a trapezoid type figure we
want these two points the top left and
top right to be parallel so open your
rulers which is are these numbers at the
top and on the left and click and drag
from there you’ll see that I can click
and drag and a line will basically
appear it’s not a real line it’s just a
fake line but it will appear on our
composition and I line it up with this
first point right here on the left now I
could go to this one on my right and
drag it down and it kind of locks in
place now I’m going to zoom in to the
bottom one and I’ll do the same and this
one looks like it’s perfect already now
I also want the distance between the top
two points to be the same as the bottom
two points one way we can do that is by
dragging this shape to the left of our
line and making sure that it lines up
with the line so we can select our
points by going under our shape layer
path just drag it so that’s in the
middle of our line same with this one
have it line up and have this point line
up with the ruler and there we go we
have our shape so basically we want this
block which we’ll renamed renamed to
block we want it to go from the left
side of the line to the right side of
the line and then shrink so we’ll do
something similar as we did with the
text we’ll duplicate this block will
call this block mat and then with the
block mat we’re just going to open up
the shape properties and go to the path
and with these right two points we’re
just going to drag to the right and
we’ll create an track mat with this one
so selecting the block will change the
track map to alpha mat block so now if
we move this block layer from left to
right you’ll see that it disappear
is on the left side of that line so what
are we going to do we’re going to set
keyframes so first we want to bring up
the keyframes for both the line and the
text because this will be we’ll be able
to reference when we want the animation
to start so we want it to start right
about there at the end of the line
animation so bring up position for your
block hit the keyframe button and then
go to the very end the last keyframe of
the text and move it to the right of the
text we also want to add the shrinking
effect so with our contents we’re going
to add a path animation so hit that
keyframe button for the path and move
this keyframe to the middle of this
motion and then at the end we’re going
to just select our path and select these
left two keyframe or points and drag
them to the right so it should match up
pretty perfectly and then you’ll see
that there’s a little bit of red right
there really hardly noticeable but we
want to get rid of that and one way we
can get rid of that easily is just to
cut off the right side of this layer so
that we don’t see it after this keyframe
so select that layer and hit option
right bracket you’ll see now it
basically disappears after there we’re
going – easy easy frames and play with
the motion now and we’re also going to
turn on motion blur for this layer so we
want it to start before the text starts
popping out so I’m going to take this
position layer keyframe right here this
first one and draw it bring it to the
left I’m also going to select both the
position keyframe get our graph editor
and then drag the start to the left so
that it sort of speeds up from the first
spot and it slows into our second
keyframe now if I get out of our graph
editor you can see that it’s a little
too fast so I’m going to drag this first
keyframe to the
left so it starts a little bit later
because if you see our original one it’s
kind of covering the text until it gets
to the middle of animation so we want it
to do something similar so it’s pops out
and it’s covering about to the middle so
if we play through this we can see what
it looks like finally and that looks
really cool I mean we can play with the
speed of everything we can make it
faster I’ll show you a quick way to make
it faster at the end of this lesson
actually so there we have our animation
now we want to reverse it so an easy way
to do that is select all pre compose it
by right clicking and hitting pre
compose you can Nate rename it if you
want put your time indicator right after
the end of the animation so maybe about
four and a half seconds we want to cut
off the right side of this layer so
option right bracket duplicate this
layer select both right click keyframe
assistant and then sequence layers okay
that puts one after the other with this
right one the lot second one we’re going
to right click it hit time time reverse
layer okay so now if we play through
this you can see that it comes on
disappears and then it comes back on and
does the reverse so it’s a little bit
slow compared to our original one so one
way to easily speed it up is to pre
compose this one well you can rename it
if you want
right click time enable time remapping
and you’ll see now there’s a keyframe at
the start and the very end of this
composition if we drag in this last one
it’s speeding up the animation so now
that’s a very easy way to speed up the
entire animation without having to do it
with individual keyframes now of course
if you want to go in and if say just
that block animation is a little fast or
slow you will have to go into the
original composition and edit that text
but time remapping is a great way to
speed up or slow down
entire animation okay so that is the
tutorial I hope you enjoyed it I’m sorry
if I’m a little flustered this is
actually the third time I recorded this
because the first two got messed up but
I’ve also been able to do it faster and
faster each time so if you have any
questions please let me know if you know
of a better way to animate this let me
know in the comments below if you want
to purchase this template I’ll have the
link to the video studio hive lower
third template in the description below
and if you have anything else let me
know please like this video subscribe to
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