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How to Draw An Animated Circle with Adobe After effects

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Drawing an animated circle in After effect is a breeze. In this tutorial, I’ll quickly show you how to draw and animated a circle with a bonus circle in circle tip at the end.

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If you want to animate a circle just like this one, in this After effects tutorial, I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to get it done.
So the first step is we just want to make a new composition. I’m going to go to composition new composition.
I’m just going to set it to the preset that I have here.
I’m just kind of name it, press enter. Here is my composition.
I’m just going to fit it to my window and the first thing I want to do is create the shape, so I’m going to come up here,
I’m going to make sure ellipse tool is selected and while holding shift, in the center of my frame,
I’m just going to draw it.
The only reason I’m holding shift here is
because if I don’t hold shift is going to give me a ellipse instead of a circle.
So I’m just going to delete that and now we have a layer down here, shape layer one.
I’m just going to press that layer press enter to rename it.
Now I’m going to press the V tool to get my selection tool,
I’m just going to move this somewhere in the center here. If your circle is filled when you created it, you can come up here to fill,
select the text itself and just press no fill. If you have fill selected, it’s going to fill it with a color.
So we don’t want that here.
We just want it to be transparent, so I’m going to press none, press ok and the fill color here,
we don’t care about because we don’t have any fill inside. The stroke though
we care about. We want to change how thick the stroke is, so I’m going to change it to 30 and
I’m going to change the stroke color here to red, so I’ll just pick red here.
Press ok, so now we have a red 30 pixel stroke.
That’s layer 1 here and now to animate this layer, we want to go to our effects and preset,
and I want to search for Radial Wipe.
That’s the transition radial wipe here.
I’m going to grab that and apply it to my layer, and it’s applied here to the layer.
Now we need to animate that transition that we just applied, so I’m going to go up here and under transitional completion,
I’m going to turn on my clock here to start Keyframe,
and in the beginning, I wanted to be transitional completion at 100.
That’ll make a blank. Then I’ll move to one second on my timeline and then make the transitional completion back to 0%, press enter.
So now if you go to our timeline, if I press spacebar and press play,
Our transitional completion starts with 0 and it goes to 100.
Now if you want this to be built the other way, you could go up here under wipe and change it to counterclockwise.
Now it’s going to build it the other way, so if you want to clockwise goes that way if you want to counterclockwise,
change it the other way. Now you have an animated circle.
At this point, if you want to change the shape of your layer, you could do that.
You could just grab it and change the layer if you don’t want a perfect circle.
You could change it to any shape you want and the transition is going to still apply.
I’m going to just command Z to undo that.
I’ll show you one more quick thing here that could come in handy. You could put another
thinner circle inside this one and make a cooler effect here, so I’m going to select this layer
and I’m going to command D to duplicate it and now I have a new circle here.
I’m going to name this one circle Green and now if I take this one
and I change the stroke to Green and
I’ll change the pixel density to 15, there we go and now
I’m going to put it underneath the other layer by grabbing it
and putting it under so you see the red layer first.
And now, I need to offset my Keyframes between the two layers.
So I’m going to press U, that will show the keyframes for both of my layers. Now if I offset this one here,
you see it’s created a circle inside the other circle.
So you see the green one going first, and then the red one is going second.
So it creates a cool effect, if I bring it even further back,
creates a really interesting effect here.
So you could do this with multiple layers, multiple colors and really bring this animator circle to life.
Now I could just go to my three second mark, press N.
That’s my out point for the layer, and then I could export, add to render queue and
to make sure the transparency still is intact, I’m going to change the channel from RGB to RGB plus alpha.
That will make sure the transparency behind my circle is there.
I’llI press ok and then I could just render result to use it on top of any video file.
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