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How to edit 4K on a ANY computer in Premiere Pro with proxy workflow


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How to edit 4K on a slow computer in Premiere Pro

If your computer is lagging when editing 4k, in this video, I’ll how you how you can edit 4k on a slow computer with proxy files in Premiere Pro.
It’s a very simple process that requires a few steps to setup.

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If your computer is lagging when you’re using 4k footage to edit, there’s a really easy way to speed things up by creating a proxy file when you start your project. I’m going to show you that in this video.

I’ll start from scratch, and that’s when you create a new project in Premiere and this is where you want to change the ingest setting because you want to create a proxy file That’s smaller than 4K and premiere is going to be able to handle that a lot easier So you’ll do that right in the beginning so go ahead and name your project and choose your location.

For storing the files and after that we want to click in just settings and check on Ingest and in the ingest option we want to create

Proxies proxies are basically a smaller file that are going to be a lot easier to handle with a computer than the native 4k file Next step is choosing the right proxy file. So in this drop-down. I’m going to choose the proxy file

I want and you have a few options. I like Apple ProRes 4 to 2 proxy it works a lot faster with my computer, but if you want a smaller file size you could choose h.264 too.

Next I’m going to choose my proxy destination now This is going to be same as my project file

But you could create a folder just for your proxies there now. You can press ok to start premiere now I’m going to go ahead and import my footage into the project tab

I’m just going to double click and I have a folder with my footage. This was shot on a Sony FS7 So I’m going to go ahead and import that footage Now I’m going to show you the different clips that are on this card They’re shot in ultra Hd at 23 97 so after a couple of seconds Adobe Media encoder is going to launch in the background because we need to process those proxy dollars right now

We just have the 4k footage in premiere and the media encoder is going to create those smaller And I’ll show you how that goes

But after a couple of minutes this will launch in the background and start processing So as you can see here each clip that are imported into premiere is showing up on Media encoder And it’s just populating the media encoder and once all of them are ready on the bottom you’ll start seeing the encoding process

This is my first clip getting encoded and again. You could start editing right now This is happening in the background and as soon as these files become ready I’ll show you how to deal with them in Premiere so back in Premiere There’s a couple of things that you got to turn on to make sure everything’s working Okay, first is your project panel if you right-click. You should see a metal data display So if you see frame rate or name right click on that, and you should see Metadata display and then under the first Option click the Drop down the Premiere Pro project And then scroll down and make sure

Proxy is checked on if it’s not go ahead and check it on now under any clips if you scroll to the right you should See a new drop down, and it should say proxy and the ones that have been encoded immediately encoder are going to say attached

The ones that are still processing are gonna say offline again. This is happening in the background

So they’re going to start saying attached one at a time So you could start editing with the clips you have or even the ones that are offline? They’re not going to be as fast because they’re still in 4k, but you could start the edit process right now So I added a couple of them to the timeline and these are still showing up in 4k

So there’s one more step We got to do to make sure we’re editing off the proxy click the wrench icon here under the program monitor And I’m going to show Transport control yours might be already turned on but that’s going to show you the control right here And now I want to add one more thing to this control and to add something just click this plus icon and you should see

This pop up menu that’s going to give you some options to add and there is an icon called Toggle proxy, so we just want to grab that and drag it to our menu right here And now if you toggle this on and off, it’s going to switch between the 4k footage and the Proxy footage So if it’s pressed down we have the proxy and if it’s not pressed down it’s going to show you the 4k file now

It’s hard to see on a full screen, but let me zoom in and show you the difference So when you’re editing you could just toggle this on and edit off the proxy and whenever you want to view the full resolution just go ahead and check it off and you’ll see the Resolution now the files are starting to come in from the background from the media encoder and as you see on the proxy drop-down.

You’ll see all of them getting at attached one at a time So this should speed up your process now for exporting you can still exporting native 4k There’s nothing you got to do special this just helps you in the edit process editing off the proxy But those are not going to be exported you could still

Set your export setting the same way you always do please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for weekly videos Just like this one and enjoy editing. Thanks for watching.

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