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How to Edit Vertical Video Footage

How to Edit Vertical Video Footage

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Sometimes when videos are shot on a phone, they are delivered in a vertical format and very hard to deal with since most footage is shot in 16×9.

One way to make this look interesting is to take the video and duplicate it and put it in the background.  Then you can put that second background layer out of focus.  This layered look can make the vertical image look a lot more interesting.

Video by Video School Online

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hey everyone welcome to a quick tutorial
in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects
on how to deal with vertical footage
when I’m editing videos sometimes I get
footage from other sources from people
who shoot video with their phones and
it’s just vertical and it’s hard to know
what to do with that footage one way to
somewhat make it look better is to do
what they were doing when everyone
transitioned from four by three TVs to
sixteen by nine widescreen TVs and
that’s taking the old boxed footage and
actually duplicating it putting it in
the background and blurring it to make
it look a little better and it’ll end up
looking something like this here’s a
quick shot that I took actually this
morning a little mug steaming mug of
espresso that I made and so this is
basically what I’m going to be teaching
you how to do so you can see what it
looks like it’s a little bit better than
if it was just like this you could also
add like a white background to something
like this maybe make it look better but
vertical footage just typically isn’t
going to look good so what you want to
do is all first add your video to your
sequence so in Premiere Pro this is what
it would look like if you added vertical
footage find the part in the video that
you want to take I’m just going to edit
the end of this by I did that really
fast I should just do it slower for you
guys so taking the end of this clip and
dragging it in play through it and I’m
just going to turn the audio off and
then when you’re done with the clip your
vertical clip and I’m zooming in just by
clicking and dragging here on the scroll
bar down here on your timeline then what
you can do is bring this clip up to the
second layer and then holding option on
your keyboard or alt if you’re using a
PC click and drag the video clip down
so now you have two layers of the same
video clip you could also just copy and
paste it and put it beneath it and then
with this bottom layer what you want to
do is go up to your effects controls
window if you don’t see that go up to
window effects controls go to motion
then increase the size to where it fills
the frame now this doesn’t really look
that good at all so what we want to do
is go down to our effects bin type in
fast so you can get fast blur and add it
to the bottom layer not to the top layer
but to the bottom and then in your
effects controls increase this to
something like 15 or so or even more and
then make sure that you click this
repeat edge pixels so that the edge of
this video doesn’t look like it’s faded
into black and now you can see how that
looks and it just looks a little bit
better maybe if you can just increase
the size of this a little bit bigger so
it’s not completely a little sliver in
the middle of your video so that’s one
way to make your video look better and
let me just show you how to do it in
After Effects so say you have your
sequence you add your vertical clip to
your After Effects composition just like
we did in Premiere Pro and again this is
just a normal sixteen by nine sequence
so maybe 1280 by 720 or 1920 by 1080
depending on what your you want to use
for your dimensions now when you have
this layer a quick way to duplicate it
is just pressing command D on your
keyboard or if you’re on a PC ctrl D now
again take the bottom layer press s to
bring up scale and increase the scale
till it fills the whole frame make sure
you’re looking at the whole video now in
your effects and presets again look for
fast blur drag it down onto your bottom
clip bring that up to 30 click repeat
edge pixels and you can see on the edge
of this when I
don’t have repeat edge pixels it looks
like it’s fading into black and there
you have it in Adobe After Effects so
it’s a quick fix if you are in a pinch
and you want to use vertical footage it
makes it look a little bit better and
this comes from a question from Charles
so if any of you have questions about
any of this kind of stuff with video
editing or After Effects let me know and
I’ll create a quick tutorial about it
and then lastly go over to video school and click the courses page
and you’ll be taken to the entire course
library that I have you can see that
there’s lots of After Effects classes
and video editing classes along with all
sorts of other classes such as
photography and building an online
business even down below at the bottom
of the course page there’s a lot of free
classes that you can enroll in and take
completely for free and they’re
high-quality classes and you will learn
a lot of the tips and tricks that I’m
using right now to create my own videos
thanks a lot and we’ll see you in
another tutorial

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