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How to export an Animated Gif from After Effects

How to export an Animated Gif from After Effects

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Exporting Gifs through After Effects is simple.  Here are the steps.

1. Go to composition_selection Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue

2. In media encoder, search for Gif and select that preset.  Drag it to the queue.

3.  Click on the preset and reduce the quality of the size.  Around 20 is a good number.  and make the file size close to a 1000.

4. Now press export to the location you want the file to be save at.

Video from Video School Online

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If you want to export animated gifs gifs whatever you want to call it from after-effects or from even Adobe Premiere Pro you can now do it through the Adobe Media encoder so here I have this graphic for our digital marketing master class if I want to export this as a animated gif just go up to composition add to Adobe Media encoder queue that’s going to open it up in media encoder cc.
I already have the preset selected but if you want to choose the animated gif preset just type in gif up here or look under image sequence under a gif you have this animated gif preset then just drag that preset over here to your cue on top of this preset over here or whatever is there already and now it’s going to animate or export as that one thing you’ll have to do though is click on the preset right here these settings just click right there to open up your export settings because if you don’t change the quality and the size it’s going to be a huge file and if you’re going to be uploading online you’ll want to make it a lot smaller so play around with it I was finding that quality of 20 is pretty good and then making it a lot smaller you know typically five hundred or a thousand is probably pretty good for uploading online clicking okay and then

choosing your output file destination let’s just put it on my desktop then press the play button to start the cue and export through Adobe Media encoder so if you’re watching this in my After Effects course I will show you a way to export an animated gif in the previous versions of Creative Cloud which you actually had to do through Photoshop but if you do have the CC 2018 update you have this available to you so now if I go to my desktop and this is a little big cuz that’s bigger than 500 pixels but if I open this up now we have this nice animated gif that we can upload online it’s only 1.2 megabytes so that’s pretty a pretty good size for uploading online cool so that’s how you export anime gifts right within all of your Adobe software so good for Adobe After Effects or even Premiere Pro.

Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in another lesson.