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How to remove noise and grain from video

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Removing grain and noise from your video is easy.  In this video, I’m going to show you how to remove noise or grain with Aftereffects for free and I’ll show you another option with using neat video to remove noise and grain which is a lot easier, but it does cost money.

See which options works best for you to clean up your noisy video.
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In this video, I’m going to show you two different ways to remove grain and noise from your video one is in after effects.

And it’s completely free and the other one is a paid option that cost less than 80 bucks.

That’s a plugin in after effects or premiere I’m going to show you how to use it in premier.

This is the test footage I have that I shot on the Sony FS5 and you can see a lot of noise. This is shot on s log three let me just turn this off at iso 3200 the native iso, or the Sony FS5 right now if I zoomed in here to 400% that’s a lot of noise This was shot in 4k, but you could see a lot of noise here So I’m going to show you how to get rid of that noise.

So if you’re doing the research you might find a free option and that’s doing it in after effects, So if I press replace with after effects composition it’s going to bring it into after effects for me

So here’s the footage in after effects and if I go back to premiere you could see it’s being replaced by after effects composition that I have opened up here and here there is only one way to remove noise

And it’s the free option but I’m going to get to a paid option that I like 10 times more, So I’ll show you the free option here in your effects and preset just type in and remove Grain and you should see this option

You could go ahead and put that on top of your clip, and it will show you a free option of removing noise now

Here’s a preview window if you come here in the effects control you can move this preview window

So I’ll put it in a very noisy area of my image, and if I zoom in a bit. You should be able to see the difference

Just a default we move grain will show me the difference here and if I go to noise reduction setting I see number 1 so if I change this to a number 2, It’s a lot more not if I go to number 5 it’s going to get really out of control and unusable

So let me just leave it at number 2 and to get this to apply to your entire clip and not just a preview window

go to viewing mode and change it to

Final output and that’s going to apply this effect in this preview to the whole image and let me show you before and after remove grain on/off on/off

It does do a decent job. The only problem is if your computer is not fast enough And you have to do this with an entire project now in this project my entire project is shot with this amount of noise

The back and Forth is going to take a really long time, So if you want to do a for free go ahead

And use this remove grain plugging in after-effects and play with all these settings And you’ll get good results after a while, but if you’re in a rush I’m going to show you a really fast way to do it with a plug-in that cost less than 80 bucks

The Plug-in is called neat video, There’s a link below in the description to this website And you could get a for after effects or premiere I like to work in Premiere So I’m going to get the premiere download and there is a free trial that will give you a preview window.

So you could get the free trial just to get a preview for your video and see if it’s going to work for your application so I’ll show you how it works with the demo version right now.

Make sure you save and close your premiere file because it won’t install unless your premier is closed and then go ahead and restart the Premiere project after you install it so now in your effects panel you could search for neat video

Or you could go to video effects and neat videos should have its own folder and then drop the reduced noise

Filter right on top of your file now you’ve got to come up to video effects and press the little icon in the reduce noise

Filter and that will open a separate application that just works nicely with premiere

And that’s where you’re going to reduce your noise. I’m not going to make a tutorial right now on how to use this application

I’m just going to show you a quick way on how you can remove the noise using the auto

Selections just select auto profile and neat video is going to just read your video file

And it’s going to give you a noise level just automatically now

You could go ahead and play around with this and get a better result, but this is the auto selection

so you could go over to the noise filter settings and here you could change some things and you could see a final result of

Your image in the preview window

And if you like what you see click apply on the bottom right corner of the screen

And it will take you back to premiere since this is the demo version. I’m getting a very small

Demo here, so it’s really hard to see because I’m on a 4k window here and the demo preview is 720p

so it’s hard to see but I get a side-by-side in the video application just to show you so if

You’re getting the same great results that I’m getting here

Go ahead and purchase the license and use it for your video or if you have more time to play around go ahead

Use the after-effects method now again the way for this to never happen is just not shooting in really high iso

Because the high iso, and most cameras is going to cause grain so in this case.

If you have enough light and if you don’t go ahead and get that grain and try to remove them post with these 2 methods

I hope this video helped you please give it a thumbs up if you found it helpful and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel

For a lot more filmmaking tutorials coming up every week, thanks for watching.

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