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How to record VOICEOVER on Premiere Pro

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Premiere Pro CC allows you to record voiceover right on the timeline. You don’t have to use Audition or any other program. The voiceover process is very simple. You have to connect a mic to your computer. This is the mic I used. Then you have to setup a couple of options in the timeline and in preferences and you’re all set. Now you can record voiceover right onto the premiere timeline by pressing the record icon on any track.

Video by Howfinity
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record VOICEOVER on Premiere Pro

I actually use this USB mic. So this USB mic is plugged in right into my computer and

and premiere can actually recognize it as an external mic.

And this is just under 50 bucks actually and it’s really good audio quality.

I’ll have a link in the description to this mic.

So in premiere, you gotta just turn on a couple of things and then you can basically press this microphone icon

and record right on any audio track

any voiceover that you want to

and it’s super simple, but let me show you

some of those settings in premiere pro

there are a couple of things in the preferences and in the timeline

that you gotta turn on, before you start doing the voiceover.

So let’s jump on to premiere pro and I’ll show you how to turn those settings on right now.

Ok I’ve jumped into the premiere timeline and I want to start recording

voiceover right on to this track.

So I want to do it right here on track number 1.

So I make sure track number 1 is enable.

This is the icon right here, voiceover record

so if I press that,

I could start recording on to the timeline, but before we do that, we gotta setup a couple of things.

First of all, if you don’t see icon, just go ahead and right click or control click here.

and click voiceover setting right here.

And these are the settings for the voiceover setting.

so as you can right now, I’ve chosen my mic, the Blue Snowball

Again, there is a link in the description if you want to check this out.

And that’s my input, and I could either do a pre-roll or post-roll

So I do that and it will count me down.

So if you want a cue for that

you can do that.

And that’s basically all the settings you need here.

There is one more place where you gotta turn on

couple of settings. Let me show you that right now.

If you don’t see the voiceover record icon,

the microphone right here.

Make sure you control click or right click right here and go to customize.

And under customize, you can just go ahead and grab that

And you can bring it down and let it go

and it will appear right here on your audio track.

So if you don’t see that, you can go ahead and bring it down from there.

And then press ok.

And again, I don’t see it again, because

I need to expand this to make sure it appears.

So if you don’t see it, that’s a couple of ways to get it to appear.

So you want to go up here to preferences and we want to click on audio

And under the audio tab

here in preferences,

on a pc, it’s actually under file_preferences

so under the audio tab here

you gotta check this on

Mute input during timeline. Let me check it off just to show you want happens.

So on my timeline, let me press record.

And it will start counting me down.

And right now, if I start recording,

I start to get this strange feedback loop. So let me just press spacebar to pause that.

So it started recording it, let me just play that.

So let me go ahead and delete that and

we’ll go ahead and turn that on

in preference, audio and make sure mute input during timeline recording

is turned on, press ok.

So again, on your timeline press record

it will count you down.

So now, it’s actually recording right on to the timeline,

and whatever track is selected

so if I press voiceover record on this track

it would have started recording on this track. Let me pause that.

So if I started pressing this one,

And now I could start recording

on track number 2. Again if I press space bar when I’m done recording

They’ll be on track number 2.

So you can just go ahead and line up your voiceover against your video

if you like to and put it on different tracks based on what you need to do.

I hope this video was helpful.

Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel.

And I’ll see you on the next video. Thanks for watching.